Before & after

Here are some photos of how I looked just before my surgery. Can barely see these photos, bothered me hardly to see myself in the way I looked back then.

Can not believe that I waited so long before I took the step to surgery. But I did not dare, I did not know what was wrong. Maybe it would just disappear if I trained a lot. I do not want to push you into any hasty decision. Just want to help you out there. Think carefully before taking your step towards a surgery. This is the way I looked before. Soon I will post pictures of how I look today, a few years after surgery.

After surgery

Here is a photo after surgery. As you can see, I now have little less puffy breasts. More normal form of a male breast. There are always small scars after a surgery and as you can see there was a cut just at the edge of the areola (do not know if it’s called so even for men).

Efter operation
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