The surgery

I had to be there at eight o’clock in the morning. Before at home I showered in something special shampoo I have been asked to do, some anti bacterial shampoo. Many ideas were circulating in my head in the taxi on the way to the clinic.

Once I arrived, I was assigned a private room. Asked for a little rosehip soup and changed into the white “bathrobe” I got. Then lay down on the bed, and waited. A nurse came and said, Now it’s your turn!

We walked together in this maze of corridors and surgery rooms. — Here it is, she said. The first time I was in an surgery room. Had only seen on TV before. I was told to lay down on the surgery table. The nurse checked my blood pressure and applied different things to me. Guess it was machines to check pulse and another things during surgery. She talked to me all the time, asked me what I was working with and things like that. About everything between heaven and earth.

The surgeon enters the room and says Hi and asks if everything is fine. He says they will anesthetize me and that I will soon fall asleep. The nurse injects something and she’s talking on. Do not think I managed to say more than one word before I fall asleep. Then I don’t know much more than that, it felt like I woke up instantly, and the surgery was already done. Strange feeling. As a memory slot. Felt nothing, nothing hurt. They dressed me a kind of stretch vest that would minimize bruising, and make my breasts heal better and keep everything at the right place. Then they moved me to my room where I could lie down and recover. I took a couple painkillers, and a glass of water and went to sleep.

Slept from noon until five or six in the evening when a nurse came in and asked how I was feeling. It began to stretch a little in my chest when the anesthesia began to drop but not so painful. She said that everything had gone very well that I could go home already tonight, if I wanted to. I lay back on my bed and thought about it. Thought on how I was feeling. Would I manage to go home? How would it be at home after all this?

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