I do feel a lot better, happier, I dare to show me shirtless, I feel like my confidence has become stronger.

It should be added that there are drawbacks to everything. A surgery always carries scars. Although my scars are seen very little, it is visible at times but very little. The tissue behind when you’re healing together can sometimes show in a odd way. Nothing to be scared about but for you, it could look different. Do not know how to describe in words. When we removed my enlarged breasts tissues, and when the healing process attach to the muscles in a different way than normal. Sounds weird. So it was for me, anyway. But it hasen’t bothered me, I can live with it. Some girl asked, but it has not been a major problem. The most important is the way I now look and my stronger confidence. Worth every penny.

After surgery, you have to walk around with some kind of a tightening sweater that fits tight as hell. It keep your breasts fixed so that the bleeding is minimal and therefore less bruising. It’s not so good-looking and can be show-through, so no T-shirts for a while after the surgery then. Didn’t experienced it as a major problem since it’s possible to to hide with a little thicker sweaters.

But in short, I’m happy and pleased with my surgery. Perhaps the surgeon could put better cut so that the scars would be hidden a little better. Do not know what is possible today. I feel much better, I’m happier, I dare go without a shirt on the beach, the gym, the sauna.

Hope this site have been useful for you. Think carefully before surgery and do not overdo it. Do not want to encourage you to surgery, just want to tell you my experience of it all. I did my surgery in the winter months. It’s a little easier to get away with a thicker sweater i.e. Good Luck & Feel well!

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