Before surgery

It can be hard to deal with treatment and surgery, and it may be a long road. You’ve been thinking and turned on every thought in your head. I could not stand there, not being like everyone else, to have a normal physique but with those two horns sticking out under my shirt.

All this was tearing down on my confidence. I’m no psychologist, maybe I should have been pleased with me as I am. That we are all different and look different. But I did not want it because it didn’t felt good for me. I wanted to look normal, like everyone else. So I banged my fist on the table and when I became a little older, and managed to save some money, I took myself together and called a clinic which carries out these operations. (Do not want to favor any clinic that’s why I don’t mention the name.)

Called them to arrange a meeting and I went there a few days later. The plastic surgeon who I met, squeezed a little on my breasts and found that I was suffering from gynecomastia. A pretty quick study and fast opinion. I had expected some kind of X-ray but that wasn’t necessary in my case. He asked if I wanted to do a surgery and showed before and after pictures of previous operations they’ve done. The results I saw was amazing! I also wanted to look like that, I thought. He said it would cost about 25 000 SEK for an operation. I decided to go on with it.

In retrospect, I can feel that I should have gone to several clinics and compared them. Maybe lowered the price or something. But I only saw that I wanted to get rid of my problem as soon as possible, and they had a slot that fitted well in my calendar so it had to be this one.

After my meeting with the surgeon I had to go and meet a woman who took care of all the planning and details before the operation. She told how the day of the surgery would look like and what I needed to prepare before, money that had to be paid on time and so on.

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