Are you a man with big tits?

That’s how it was for me. I was so ashame about being a young guy with bigger tits than my friends in school. I was always the last one in the shower after gymnastic lessons becaus I was afraid being different, afraid showing my chest. My self-confidence close to non-existing because I didn’t look like the other guys in school. For me, it was very important in that age.

I couple of years passed and I started to practice, training and went to the gym a lot. I thought that training could be the solution. For sure, I got more muscles but there was still some kind of puffy tits, which I didn’t like.

More years passed by and I got close to 30 years old when I decided to put an end to this, that have made my self-confidence to slowly wither and under this dark cloud that have followed me over the passed fifteen years. I started to search for information all over the internet. If found it hard to find info about it, there was like three videos on Youtube and all these plastic surgery companies advertising how to get rid of your gynecomasti. Not a single one talking about their experience of the problem and the surgery and stuff like that. That’s where this site comes in. Maybe I can help someone to their right decisions.

Very important to notice! I’m not a doctor, I’m not a plastic surgeon, I’m not an expert. I just turned out to get bigger tits than normal and unlike others — Something that is called gynecomastia.

After years thoughts and reflections I decided to do surgery – I’m very happy with that decision today. It made my self-confidence to slowly start growing again and now I can trow away my t-shirt and proud walk the beach without being ashamed.

I hope this site can be some help to you. Please respect that I want to be anonymous, nameless, authorless or what else you call it. I offer you my experiences. Enjoy the site!

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